The pressure is on when you come from Liverpool. If ever a city punched above its weight Liverpool is that city. You better be a world class footballer, have Hollywood looks or the voice of angel if you want to rise about the crowd on Merseyside. So its hats off to Lee Squires AKA Esquire for building his brand into a globally recognised EDM player loved and followed well outside the city walls of Liverpool. Born 29 years ago Esquire grew up in and alongside one sister and one brother. School was painless if forgettable, studies focused on computers which lead this self confessed nerd to university where he thankfully studied Audio Engineering.

Acid House blew up in 1988 or there about, ten years later our boy Esquire is buying his first house record. He reckons it was Pulse’s ‘The Love That You Are’ on Ministry, a label Esquire would go onto work with on numerous tracks. House was Esquire’s first love and remains his passion till today. From his early projects using a loop and accapella on Acid Pro, Esquire has always been aware of house music’s history and all the tracks that have played their part. Listen to any bootleg or remix and Esquire’s musical references come shining through bringing older and forgotten gems back to life, back to the dance floor. Esquire’s influences include the likes of Axwell and Eric Prydz, they influence him and they inspire him, especially when he sees them playing his productions. He wants to do what they have done and that’s rise to the top off the back of hard work and talent.

Esquire’s music is aimed strictly at the dance floor, after all that’s where he spent his early clubbing days, Paradox Aintree to be exact, a club which has gone down in Liverpool’s clubbing folk lore. Esquire’s sound can best be described as skillfully created uplifting house employing big synths and pianos. Whatever it is, it’s working – from Liverpool to Lisbon; Manchester to Moscow Esquire is spreading the word and punching well above his weight.